Dance artist (NL/ JP)

Apples fall down, why doesn't the moon?
a dance performance by Sayaka Akitsu

This dance solo is my personal journey induced by the intersection of Apples and physics.

The piece explores various physical responses triggered by performers body in relation to forces such as gravity, momentum and acceleration. The journey continues following a scientific yet poetic trajectory until it finds a simple answer.

Choreography and performance: Sayaka Akitsu
Music: Alfredo Genovesi
Dramaturgy: Artemis Lampiri

Duration of the piece: 18min
Special Thanks to: Artemis Lampiri, Yuki goda, Kyoko Nomura, Or Hakim, Tashi Iwaoka, Kei Tsujimoto
Collaboration: Public pie by Maaike Bertens (Noorden park kammer)

- 24 - 26.07.2015 Lago Film festival, Italy
- 28.11.2013 Solo night - OT301, Amsterdam

- 26.03.2013 Danse d’ailleurs festival - National choreography center of Caen, France

- 09.02.2013 Yokohama dance collection EX 2013 Showcase - Yokohama, Japan
- 11.08.2011 Nooderparkkamer Amsterdam Noord - Amsterdam, the Netherlands

- 23.04.2011 Easy Sunday - OT301, Amsterdam
- 20.07.2010 Bohena festival - Haifa, Israel
- 20.04.2010 Matsuyama university, Kyoto international dance festival, Kyoto Japan