Grandmother’s white hair

a sitespecific performance by Sayaka Akitsu

This project is a sitespecific project that is performed by different casts in different locations.

The starting point for the creation of “Grandmother’s white hair” is the concept of respect and how it is emphasized in Japanese culture. Living with gratitude is a basic teaching that we inherit from their ancestors.

As an attempt to translate the notion of respect to the physical state, the performers create grandmother’s hair from a piece of paper and unravel it carefully in the space. The papermade grandmother’s hair connects the audience and environment, involving dance expressions it creates a spider web visualizing a harmonic communication. Flux of time, root, and memory.

Concept: Sayaka Akitsu
Participated artists:
Dance: Ilse van Haastrecht, Malin Gebken, Sandrina Lindgren, Maria Mavridou, Ida Katinka Fridan Pedersen, Shelly Owen, Keerthi Basavarajaiah, Chandana Sarma, Bram Vreeswijk, Susan van den Berg, Silvia Bennet, Laryssa Kim, Liis Vares, Milena ChavezCisneros, Kyoko Nomura, Juri Nishioka, Yui Nakagami
Music: Douwe Smit, Alfredo Genovesi, Friederike Motzkau, Anna Porubcansky, Ewan Downie, Paul Estabrook, Robin Paul Braum, Deniss Krauss, Sergio Gonzalez Cuervo


21.05.2015 Performers exhibition Dokhuis gallery, Amsterdam 07.02.2015 Fukuoka dance fringe festival Konya gallery, Fukuoka Japan
25.01.2015 33 vol.2 Hatsunekan 802, Kyoto Japan
11, 13&14.09.2014 Amsterdam Free Fringe Festival De Nieuwe Anita and Vondel tent, Amsterdam
15.12.2013 Easy Sunday Maarten Luther kerk, Amsterdam
30.11.2013 Inktfisk opening feestje Inktfisk, Amsterdam
09.08.2013 Freakatoni’s Witchy Weekends 2013 Studio Seven, Amsterdam
27.07.2013 Spiel festivalAndorf, Austria
15.06.2013 tip the triplets Vlam oost zee, Amsterdam
01.06.2013 33 Hatsunekan 802, Kyoto Japan

photo: Chris Rudz

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