Creative dance class for children, children & adults by Sayaka Akitsu

My background is in dance and movement and I get the greatest sense of satisfaction when I observe how people discover their own creativity through this medium. In my class, I support students to find their own movement language, and then they start talking, whispering and singing with each other with dance. It is precious to witness a group dance in which all dancers share their best dance at the end of a session.

I use a lot of themes, imagery, games and physical demonstrations in my work to help facilitate the creative experience of participants. A lot of ideas come from my choreographic approach and I feel inspired by working with everyone who wishes to dance.

Biography as a teacher

In 2015-2016 I studied at Trinity Laban Conservatoire in London, earning a Postgraduate Diploma in Community Dance with distinction. During the course, I improved communication skills and widen my creativity aiming for collaborating in works across a spectrum of ages, genders, levels of dance experience and disorders.

As a teacher, I have taught improvisation workshops in the Netherlands and Japan for dancers with different levels of dance experience. Regarding creative dance class, I have worked with children, adults without dance experience, visually impaired people and people with learning disabilities. I am an experienced ballet teacher for various age groups as well.

Class discription

Children class

4 – 5 years old (45min) / 6 – 15 years old (60min)

Children over the age of 4 begin to build physical co-ordination and confidence in dance class. This offers them the opportunity to create their own imaginative movement sequences and dance phrases, guided by the teacher.

Older children are introduced to the principles and foundations of contemporary dance technique. They will have the opportunity to work together creatively and, with the guidance of the teacher, devise movement work of their own. It is ideal to divide children into different age groups that have a maximum of two years age difference.

Children & adults class

Pairs of child and adult (60min)

This class brings young and adult participants together to dance, move, feel, create, to share experiences and learn from one another, but most importantly, to understand and respect each other’s abilities while dancing to their full capacity.

 photo: Francesco Scavetta & Kyoto International dance workshop festival archive

Taught class at:
Kyoto International dance workshop festival, El colegio japonés de madrid, Vitlycke center for Performing arts, Cuatro vientos festival de cine de Soria en Lois