A bite

a dance piece by Sayaka Akitsu produced by Dansateliers

In “A bite” Akitsu investigates a particular mélange of reality and imagination induced by chocolate intoxication.

The piece alternates between continuous everyday actions and the triply physical sensations that chocolate provokes in us. Each scene is like a tiny moment that melts in our mouths.

The piece evolves following a fragmental structure, stimulating the audience towards a peak of gutsy sensations.

Concept and choreography: Sayaka Akitsu
Created for and with: Artemis Lampiri and Alma Sua Lindenhovius
Music: Amon Tobin Lighting design: Sayaka Akitsu
Duration of the piece: 18min
Produced by Dansateliers
Special thanks to Louis Dercon


Japan tour (Made possible by the embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands)

11.02.2013 Yokohama Dance Collection EX, Yokohama Japan
03.02.2013 Fukuoka Dance Fringe festival, Fukuoka Japan
31.01.2013 Flowing Karasuma, Kyoto Japan

20.01.2013 Perfect Massin, Athens
23.10.2011 One Night’s Dance, de gouvernestraat theatre Rotterdam
22.10.2011 One Night’s Dance, de gouvernestraat theatre Rotterdam


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